Buying Used Cars: New Tech To Upgrade Your Used Car With

2022-07-23 02:34:10 By : Ms. Violla Huang

Older generation's cars bought from the used car market may not always have the latest in specs and technology, but that shouldn´t deter you from buying a used car if the price and quality are right. Instead, you can bridge the gap with these aftermarket accessories, which serve the purpose just as well. Check out these accessories.

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Currently being sold by many reliable manufacturers, this device is easy to operate and compatible with almost all cars. The Bluetooth receiver, as the name suggests, is connected to our smartphone for streaming music. This device is powered by the 12V car charging port and almost all models provide you with extra charging ports which do not hamper the productivity of the 12V socket. This device also has an FM transmitter built-in which can transmit the music playing on your device via radiofrequency. The frequency can then be tuned in on your car stereo and you can enjoy high-quality audio stream over Bluetooth in your car. Moreover, the latest Bluetooth receivers also come with built-in microphones which also allow you to attend calls wirelessly in cases of emergency.

A used car either comes with basic rubber floor mats or no floor mats at all. It is essential to put good quality mats in used cars since the floor lining of these cars is not in good condition the majority of the time. We do suggest that if you are getting floor mats, make sure you get 3D floor mats. These mats not only transform the look of your car but are also quite easy to clean and wash. Unlike stock rubber mats, 3D mats are secured in their place using adhesive Velcro tapes on anchor points. This not only prevents the mat from moving around but also seals up any gaps between the walls of the mat and flooring.

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One important accessory kit is a reverse parking assistance system. It minimizes the risk of bumper collision when parking the car in tight spots. This system can either comprise reverse parking sensors or a reverse parking camera. The sensors give an audible warning like an increasing beep as the car is approaching an obstruction when in reverse. A reverse camera on the other hand shows the user a live video feed of the rear from the bumper level. Parking sensors are generally easy to install as compared to reverse parking camera systems. These sensors either have a dedicated interior rear-view mirror to be attached to the existing mirror or just a beeping buzzer. In a reverse camera, one needs to find a secure and suitable place for a screen to get live feedback from the camera. This screen can either be placed standalone in the cabin or integrated with a multimedia screen if present.

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Car subwoofers are something worth flexing for many years. Full-size subwoofers, even though have a great punch, are not easy to install. These subwoofers require a dedicated amplifier that can provide them with noise-free signals and high power. As a result of these multiple component requirements, installing a subwoofer is quite a cumbersome and expensive affair. Moreover, a subwoofer also eats up a lot of space in your boot thereby hampering the productivity of your car. Under-seat subwoofers, as the name suggests, are installed under the front seat. It is quite easy to install and integrate with your existing multimedia setup as well. Unlike the conventional subwoofer, the under-seat subwoofer has a built-in amplifier dedicated to the subwoofer and does not require an external amplifier.

The above-mentioned accessories also come in handy if you already own an old car and don´t want to switch to a new one just yet. And they are fairly inexpensive too. Yet they improve the overall driving and ownership experience.